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The above named college, going by the policy for NCCE devoted the school of education and general studies to form a committee for the conduct of the practical micro-teaching. The committee was bet-up and had series of meetings before the actual take off. During the said meeting, the conducted issue were discussed: composition of the committee members, the time and date, number of days it will cover, area of assessment and the general managements.

The committee comprise of the following active members:

  1. Mamuda Yakubu B.
  2. Isa Abdulkarim Tilde
  3. Ishakubu Moh’d
  4. Esther Usman
  5. Lawal Usman
  6. Salisu Abdullahi Moh’d.

The above listed members worked as a team and were assisted by some ad-hoe members, numbering four. The time table for the exercise was designed, printed/typed and equally distributed to head of academics, head of Admin, all Deans, HOD’s and finally to all committee members.


The real micro-teaching practices commenced on the 28th August, 2017 and ended on the 9th September, 2017. Going by the above analysis, the exercise covered a period of seven days. On each day, the execise combinations namely, Biology computer, Biology chemistry, Business education, Agric education, Hausa Islamic studies, English Cristian Religious studies, English Islamic Studies, English Arabic, Arabic Hausa, English Hausa and Chemistry computer participated in the exercise out of 274 student in the whole NCE II, 270 students took part in the exercise.

The students were made to chose topics of their interest from their teaching areas and prepare a micro-teaching lesson plan which should last for only ten minutes. During the assessment, the following areas were observed and awarded marks;

  1. Acceptable appearance (Neatness) – 5 marks
  2. Student’s confidence/composure – 5 marks
  3. Validity of the micro lesson plan – 10 marks
  4. Introduction of the lesson by the trainee teacher – 5 marks
  5. The relevance and use of instructional materials – 5 marks
  6. The lesson presentation (steps/procedures);
  7. Acceptable English language uses and tenses – 5 marks
  8. Timing (10minutes) each student – 5 marks
  9. Application of a particular teaching skill as he/she presents – 10 marks
  10. The evaluation /conduction of the micro-lesson – 10 marks

By the above mark allocation, the total marks stads at 60 marks for the need exercise and 40 marks in reserves for marking of registers of attendance as well as diaves and record of work (Scheme of work).

The presentation was done individually in the micro-teaching laboratory under the dearet super-vision of a supervisor and their colleagues.

There were comments at the end of each presentation from the supervisor and critiques from the participants. The trainee teacher’s were observed by their colleague and eventually received feedback on their performance. It was based on these performances that marks were awarded.

In the laboratory, the following were used; seats, clock, video-tape, CCTV Camera and a bell for recoding every notable performance.

The entire exercise was entirely encouraging and ended peacefully.

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