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School of Art & Social Sciences

The School of Art and Social Sciences has as its mission broadly, the task of allowing learners to grasp through the content areas and curriculum frame-works, practical and essential life skills and excellence through its mode of instructional delivery system. This is a mode of delivery that comprises of printed material, face-to-face contact and the use of electronic media (CD ROMs, Cassettes or CD’s, computers and Internet). Through this strategy, the School aims at broadening student horizons and enhancing their intellectual understanding of the Humanities and/or the Social Sciences and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the changing needs of the Nigerian community. 

Brief History of the School of Arts & Social Sciences 

As one of the units of the College, the School was the last of five academic units to take off in with a substantive Dean January 2015. As part of its mandate, the School’s objectives included the following:
•    Producing well grounded teachers in the humanities and social sciences.
•    Producing teachers who are found to be worthy in character and in learning; and
•    Providing opportunities for constant in-service training to enable those who are working or otherwise engaged and are determined to improve themselves academically for greater job mobility and advancement.
Currently, the School has the following courses:

  1. English/Social Studies
  2. English/Islamic Studies
  3. English/CRS
  4. Hausa/Social Studies
  5. Hausa/Islamic
  6. Hausa/CRS
  7. Islamic/ Social Studies
  8. CRS/Social Studies
  9. Arabic/Social Studies
  10. Social Studies DM

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