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About Us


The Sarkin Yamma Community College of Education (SYACCOE) Tilden Fulani is a child of necessity which came to being with a view to solving the problems of youth restiveness in our community, the state (Bauchi) and the nation in general. This is because of the fact that youth restiveness is a direct repercussion of idleness. An idle mind is a devil workshop which can be danger to the youth restiveness necessitated the establishment of this college of education named after one of the famous chiefs of Tilden Fulani, Sarkin Yamma Abubakar, who was so concerned about the education of youth during his time.

  • The problem of increasing number of secondary school graduates in Tilden Fulani and environs had reached an alarming state which if not checked will be a very serious danger to the prosperity of the community and even beyond. For this reason, the Tilde Community development association (TCDA) conducted the need assessment on this problem with a view to finding solution. The result of the needs assessment that the way forward in a bid to curtain this problem is to create an opportunity for these youths to develop their capacity. For this reason, TCDA went ahead to establish this college of education so that our youth who possess the minimum entry qualification for entry into a tertiary institution access the opportunity to do so.
  • As a result of the afore mentioned, the community under the auspices of TCDA resolved to establish this college of education with a view to creating an opportunity to our youths to get admission in the college to further their education. It is our belief that if these youths are not given the opportunity to develop intellectually, they can be a serious threat to the peaceful coexistence of the whole community.
  • in view of the above, Sarkin Yamma Community College of Education became a reality and started academic activities on the 5th of January, 2015. With a total number of students’ population of four hundred and fifteen (415) distribution in the twelve departments of the college spread in five (5) schools.



The Provostry housed the offices of the Provost of the college who is the head of the entire college; and office of the Deputy provost. The deputy provost is the head of the academics.


The registry housed the office of the Registrar and also forms the core of the collge administration. It has the following functions:-

  1. Responsible to the provost for the day to day running of the administration of the college
  2. Obliged to provide secretariat services to the college governing council, the management committee, the academic board and all the committee of the governing council.
  3. Responsible for keeping vital records of the college.

The following are the main sections of the Registry department:

  1. Central administration/ office of the Registry.
  2. Secret Registry; Has the responsible for the custody and movement of secret files.
  3. Academic section; The section is responsible to the Registrar for the co-ordination of the activities of admission, examination and record units.
  4. Establishment section; Responsible to the Registrar for handling establishment matters for both senior and Junior staff.
  5. Student affairs; Responsible to the registrar for handling issues connected to students welfare and sports.

It is responsible for the management and control of the finances of the college. The department is headed by the Bursar of the college. The central store is also under the bursary department.


The temporary library of the college is at the central primary school Tilde. It is at the moment under renovation.


The department is under the Director works of the college. The department is responsible for the co-ordination of the Project unit, Maintenance, Mechanical, Civil works and Electrical.


The college will continue to partronize the health centre built for the community which is very close to the college for medical services.


To be a significant instrument in extending the various frontiers of knowledge for the benefit of not only the students, but the society at large.


SYACCOE will set the standard for residential liberal arts and sciences education in the twenty-first century. We are committed to creating and sustaining the conditions that enable all Syaccoe students to experience an unparalleled educational journey that is intellectually, socially, and personally transformative.



The SYACCOE shall be atmosphere conducive for learning, freedom of thought and expression. The overall philosophy is to Endeavour in seeking knowledge to reduce youth restiveness to the bearest minimum.


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